Our Vision & Mission

Reverent of the magnitude and momentum of the ever-maturing marine and offshore industries, FHG is committed to a mission of diligent diversification to be able to efficiently and effectively serve its clients.

By creating a synergistic web of enterprises dedicated to this pursuit, FHG is able to harness the power of its reach and relationships to ensure that its clients are delivered nothing short of excellence.

And, indeed, we believe in leading by example.

Having discerned what we prize and pride as being our vital core values, we ensure that these are met, built upon, and advanced on a daily basis by each and every team member within the FHG embrace:

Excellence in Customer Service

Laying a foundation of mutual respect and trust, we strive towards the establishment of long-term business bonds to symbiotically beneficial ends.

Pride in the Fameline Name

We are committed to ensuring that FHG is more than a place of work. We aspire to establish a familial pride in our team members, which they are – in turn – proud to share with others.

Hard Work

We are unfailingly dedicated and devoted to our work, ensuring that our clients are afforded the best possible results in the timeliest manner.

Efficient and Effective Communication

We respect communication as being intrinsic to success. As such, we place great importance on the establishment of an open and honest dialogue with both our internal and external partners.


We trust and value each other, celebrating and learning as a whole from our individual successes and shortcomings respectively. Striving for the benefit and development of our team is the crux upon which our evolution is balanced.


Taking our responsibilities towards our clients very seriously, we believe in – and promote – embracing personal accountability for our actions, commitments, promises, and results: we care about consequences.


Our culture of diversity – which we believe makes us stronger – demands respect towards all people we work with. Our rules and regulations are likewise upheld with the same verve.


Whilst our core tenets and culture are solid pillars within the FHG framework, we believe in being malleable, flexible, and responsive in approaching our projects and staying abreast of developments in our industries, thus ensuring that we always achieve the optimum results for our customers.