Corporate Social Responsibility

Heri me Heri Foundation

FHG’s success has been built (and continues to flourish) upon a foundation of fellowship: our community is given the opportunity to survive – and, indeed, thrive – thanks to the unwavering commitment of our members and partners, who work hand in hand in navigating FHG through both still and stormy seas.
Inspired, FHG founder and managing partner, Mr. Adamos Seraphides, established the Heri me Heri Foundation in October of 2010, in a bid to share the power of this commitment with the wider societies within which FHG operates. Greek for ‘hand in hand’, Heri me Heri aspires to support families with children under the age of 18, who are experiencing financial difficulties or suffering from health issues. 

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Agonas Eleftheria

Recognising the benefit of embracing, and of having aspirations – an impetus towards the ever betterment of one’s self – FHG proudly sponsors the charity event of ''Agonas Eleftheria'' (AESR), a dedicated youth sailing race organised by the Limassol Nautical Club.
With the race serving as a bid to help encourage young athletes to hone their skills and feel proud of the sailing community to which they belong, FHG felt a kinship with this pursuit, and happily aligned itself with the event. ''Agonas Eleftheria'' (AESR) drives home the message that strength is derived from solidarity, and that there is might to be found in allowing one’s self the opportunity to metamorphose; to be able to give back to the community in such a meaningful and engaging capacity.