Fameline Holding Group

Welcome to the world of Fameline Holding Group (FHG), a vast network of business organisations – and thus opportunities – united as one body, steered with one vision, and journeying towards one goal: the establishment of relationships beyond contracts.

A multifarious conglomerate composed of some 50 companies active across a variety of sectors – chiefly, maritime, industrial, satellite communication services and oil and gas/ renewable energy pursuits, alongside new areas of exploration, including healthcare and ICT – FHG is headquartered on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, itself bountifully situated at the crossroads of three continents.

A global entity, FHG maintains further offices – and possesses within its embrace a network of local representatives and sales agents –  in Piraeus, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Groningen, Monaco, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Basra, Singapore and Shanghai.

From these anchor points, the FHG portfolio provides for the fulfillment of a plethora of technical services and support pertinent to the maritime and offshore industries, as well as the delivering of all relevant and necessary equipment, serving as an official commercial agent to more than 200 companies dispersed across an excess of 50 countries.

Collectively, some 450 team members worldwide are activated on a daily basis to this end, in ensuring that FHG continues to earn the esteem of its collaborators, and the trust of its clients.

For FHG, building vibrant relationships and a deep-rooted rapport beyond the one- dimensionality typically associated with business transactions is key to its culture and thus its success, and we invite you to explore the full breadth and depth of our offerings in discovering that the FHG world is your personal oyster.