FHG implements actions to promote environmental awareness and encourage green practices

We are all aware of the consequences of global warming.  As a response to this, our Group has decided to implement a series of actions to promote environmental awareness and encourage green practices. This is the least we can do to share the responsibility of the global effort to stall the effects of climate change.

To start with, a couple of years ago we took some “soft”, yet important initiatives. We replaced all plastic packages (glasses, straws etc) provided by the coffee shop with biodegradable ones. We also made sure that we comply with the relevant ISO standards by adding recycling bins in all offices spaces and by making sure that any paper waste is also shredded and recycled. This way we dramatically reduced the use of non-recyclable plastic and paper.

Earlier this year, we supported the Municipality of Mesa Geitonia in launching an art competition among junior and high school students with the theme “Protecting the Environment/ Recycling”. The best art works have not only been rewarded but they have been also placed along the Linear Park. With this action we actively promoted green practices in schools and contributed to cultivate awareness related to environmental issues.

This year, we went a step further and placed a collection point for recycling of Plastic packaging, Metal packaging, Drinks cartons (PMD waste) at the “Eleni and Charalambos Seraphides Park”-“Vathkias Linear Park”. The installation that symbolically has the shape of a ship was jointly sponsored by Fameline Holding Group and Bunkernet. The collection point can be found at Stavros Stylianides Road before Pingu’s English Centre.

Finally, we take this opportunity to encourage you in embracing all measures we have taken so far to minimize our carbon footprint on earth. There is still a lot to be done so more actions will follow, and you will be notified accordingly.

We guarantee our commitment to this cause and we want to be sure that you are on board with us. We are always open and we strongly encourage you to come forward with new ideas for more initiatives that will help having a positive impact to our planet. Lets become the change we want to see in this world.