East Med Marine & Offshore Exhibition

As with all great feats, the East Med Marine & Offshore Exhibition began its journey as a simple idea, conceived by an aspirational group that aimed to bring the associated industries it worked with closer together. The brainchild of FHG’s MIE Group, and coordinated by Thoosa Events, the seeds of the exhibition grew into the thriving and appreciated event that it is today, thanks to tireless determination and diligent efforts.

Organised under the auspices of Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Shipping - and further supported by the Limassol Municipality, the Cyprus Shipping Chamber, the Cyprus Hydrocarbons Company, and the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology - the exhibition serves as a dedicated platform through which global companies (including manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers) representatives of all key endeavours associated with the maritime, and offshore industries, may unite, and share their knowledge to bountiful ends.

As the only specialised technical marine exhibition currently held in the Eastern Mediterranean, the East Med Marine & Offshore Exhibition has been praised for invigorating synergies between the respective industries represented, as well as boosting collaboration between industry professionals, and promoting closer and more effective cooperation between the public and private sector.

Inevitably, the two-day event, including exhibition, conferences and social networking cocktail – which is organised by FHG in Limassol, Cyprus  –  also serves to strengthen the island’s shipping and offshore industries, which are two of its most vital and promising economic sources. With Cyprus long having served as FHG’s headquarters, we are proud to be able to give back to the island in this capacity, helping to forge a brighter future.


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